I have a great passion for creating recipes and cooking. My heritage is Anglo Palestinian  and my parents are both wonderful cooks who taught me a lot in the kitchen, sharing their love of delicious food with me.

My recipes focus on whole foods, seasonality wherever possible, local ingredients and flavour. My dishes reflect my roots, as well as my interest in plant based cooking and seasonal ingredients.

Whatever diet people decide to follow, a variety of plants in our diet is imperative. I have found from a cooks perspective that coming up with flavourful plant based dishes is a very creative and enjoyable process, allowing one to step away from the tried and tested combinations and come up with something new and exciting. 

My fear is that whatever diet people decide to follow, it is currently being turned into a money spinning excuse to try and sell us even more overly processed foods.

Instead of targeting food groups as an evil in our diet (carbs, protein, fat etc) we should be considering the effect of heavily processed foods full of additives, sugar and even worse fake sugar and what they are doing to our minds and bodies and avoid as much as possible.

That is hard, when we are so busy, with so many commitments. There never seems to be enough hours in the day. 

There are recipes utilising British seasonal produce, including many with Middle Eastern twists. There are traditional Palestinian dishes I have learnt from family members over the years (continuing) and my own modern take on some of these older dishes. There are Greek recipes that my husband has asked me to work out how to make.

There are many general recipes that I came up with in my kitchen, based on simply what was left in the fridge, that I enjoyed and wanted to share. 

I teach classes and volunteer at Made in Hackney a plant based community kitchen in Stoke Newington, host supper clubs and write this blog. Please see my events page for more details. I am also a keen home fermenter.